What is Mold & Where does it come from?

Mold simply defined is as a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. There are over 300,000 different types of mold according to the CDC, some that can cause very severe health effects. The causes of mold differ however the most common way that mold comes about is through abundant moisture. If you start to notice moisture staining on your ceiling moisture build up along a window or doorframe, that may be a sign that moisture is building up. 

Mold Evaluations

When getting rid of a mold problem, you need a professional with certified training and years of experience to take care of the mold removal safely and effectively. Our Mold Remediation Specialist will oversee work done on your property from start to finish. We are IICRC Certified for Mold Remediation, so we can assess whatever your property needs, no matter how big or small!

What Happens During a Mold Remediation?

At Sanitec Solutions every mold issue is unique. We choose the best methods and cleaning chemicals in order to completely remediate the mold. While every job is different, this is a basic outline of the process we follow. For more detailed information about our remediation process, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in determining the correct course of action!

1. Call the Experts! Give us a call to set up a phone consultation with one of our mold experts! Our Mold Experts know the questions to ask to get the information needed to make the right decision!

2. Mold Evaluation and Free Estimate! Our Mold Evaluations help determine early stages of the remediation process. During this step of the process we plan the scope of work and discuss an action plan with you! Sanitec takes great pride in staying in contact with our customers so we can keep them informed every step of the way. 

3. Preparing to Remediate! This step is the most important part of our Mold Remediation process. This helps ensure that the mold doesn’t spread throughout the rest of the property during cleanup. During this step, we will set up a containment area and put it under negative pressure. 

4. Discarding Mold Materials! Some materials can be easy to clean while other are not! Materials like Sheetrock, insulation and wallpaper are porous and can’t be cleaned, so we just remove them from the property. We always act according to safety protocols for proper disposal. 

5. Cleaning and Anti-Microbial Treatments! For surfaces that can be cleaned, they are done so carefully and then sanitized with anti-microbial solutions to make sure the mold is really gone! 

6. Now that we’ve remediated the mold you can get back to what’s really important! 

before and after Treatment

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You can get an exact quote for mold remediation as well as receive a detailed written estimate within one business day of your Evaluation!

Detailed Evaluation

Since all Remediation jobs are a little different, our experts need to know what is going on at your property before they can give you an exact cost. This way it keeps your remediation process personalized to you and makes our relationship honest!

Expert Consultation

We also offer a free consultation with one our Mold Experts! They will ask you questions to determine if they can give an idea of the cost before evaluating the site!