Sanitec Solutions are experts at Mold Remediation! Our specialized Mold Experts will evaluate your property to choose the best course of action to remediate the mold and get your property feeling fresh and new!

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Commercial
  • Residential


Our trained professionals can sanitize your building or vehicle so that is as clean as can be! We use top of the line sanitation products that kill 99.9% of viruses and is non-toxic to humans and pets!

Frequently asked questions

There are literally hundreds of different types of mold and a very small percentage can release mycotoxins. The Center for Disease Control is very specific that there is no safe mold, so all mold infestations should be treated ASAP!

Professional Mold Remediation is an important part of the recovery from mold symptoms and health effects. By calling Sanitec Solutions, we can help target the mold at its source; addressing the problem that started the mold growth and stopping it in it’s tracks!

Pricing for Mold Remediation is done on a case by case basis, this way your Mold Remediation experience is completely personalized. For Building Sanitation, we take the square footage into account when providing a price. Vehicle Sanitation will have a set fee.

If you’ve hired Sanitec Solutions to sanitize your new home, you will have to vacate the area while we perform the sanitation. The home must be vacant (including pets) for 3 hours; 2 hours to perform the sanitation and 1 hour to let the products rest.